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Debut feature of Germán Donoso Coppa

These stories talk about death, but they also tell a world where HIV/AIDS is an unspoken epidemic that people want to think is over, even though it keeps on killing

Germán Donoso Coppa

Donoso Coppa’s writing shows a world with many overlapping veils, social class, gender, queerness and love to put together a cocktail that is sometimes hilarious, touching and several times hopeless.

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New novel by Gonzalo López Pardo

An original, high-caliber thriller, in which Chile’s main port is the ashen witness to lives lost before succumbing once again to the flames. Perhaps this time for good.

Gonzalo López Pardo

López Pardo’s writing presents new airs within genre literature, with a special interest in unraveling forgotten stories and the magic of the end of the world.

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